Photo Of The Moment

Photo Of The Moment
At Universal Studio on 5 June

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Drawing On Table

Teacher Sara told me this when I went to fetch Kyrell today.

Kyrell was caught drawing on the school tables today, again, teacher Ain was taking care of their class then and told him to stop but he contiuned.

She then told him that teacher Sara will have to clean up later and it is not easy. Then when teacher Sara returned, he apologised to her immediately (he knows its wrong).

(Somewhere there, he was put on Thinking Chair and he wailed ever so loudly)

When teacher Sara was cleaning up, he stood by her side the whole time (guiltly), after awhile, he asked "teacher Sara, do you want Kyrell to clean?". That was so touching. Teacher Sara told him no and he can go play with his friends. But he did not, but stayed by her side until she has finishing cleaning and washed up. Only then he went to play with his friend.

This little imp, is getting quite cheeky, at times I really do not know how to handle him :)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Parent Teacher Conference

It is the time of the year again, I am looking forward to learn more about Kyrell's progress in school from his teacher. Of course, every now and then, I will chat with teacher Sara to find out about Kyrell's behaviour or she will update me but this PTC is a formal meeting, with proper filing and documentations! Nerves.......

The whole meeting took about 1 hour but really, more then 50% of the time are chit-chatting about Kyrell and his classmates, the stories of them in school :p

They are so adorable at this age!!

Here's the report card about Kyrell :

1) Fine Motor Skills : Good.

ie. Able to use fingers to tear paper instead of using arms' strength. Will say "tear longer" (longer strip of paper hence longer length)

2) Gross Motor Skills : Good.

ie. Very active in school, climbing and running around so this part is taken care of =_="

but he has tone down quite abit as compared to early part of the year...

3) Social and Emotion Skills : Good.

ie. Friendly to friends, teachers and even parents! He will greet "hello" most of the time.

But teacher worries that he is too friendly even to stranger, the danger of being abducted!

Even parents who came to visits the school, he will go up and greet and if there is baby, he will says "baby so cute" and tries to play with him/her!

ie. Willing to share his things, if asked nicely. If his things were being snatched away, he will scold that person or eventually cry :p

Once, Kyrell brought his toys to school and shares with his friends, teacher Sara told me that when asked if he wanted his toys back to play, he replied "its ok, I play at home already" or "I can play later" that is so grown up and sweet of Kyrell right?!!

ie. Able to strike conversation with friends and intiate conversation.
Often seen "talking" to his friends.

ie Will say "sorry" and/or hug friends when he is in the wrong w/o having the teacher to ask.

If he did not do it on purpose, he will tell teacher that it was "accident" then teacher explained that the action has caused pain even though he did not do it on purpose, if he apologise, that person will feel better... Kyrell said ok and went to apologise :)

Below is a conversation between Kyrell and his classmate, as quoted by his teacher on his report file :

On May 2010

"Oh no! A, are you ok?" Kyrell exclaimed when he saw Child A fell. Kyrell walked over to Child A who was already standing and tap tap Child A's knee. Kyrell then moved his hand from Child A's thighs to shin. He asked again "No more leaves, are you ok?"

4) Speech : Good.

But when excited, he speaks very fast and might not be clear to understand.

5) Diet/Food intake : Eats too much!

Always asking for "I want some more". Teacher worries that Kyrell might not know when he's full. Especially food that he likes, he can have 3 or 4 or more servings!! During birthday parties, he can have 3 big slice of cake and still asked for more, when teacher refused, he cried then the birthday boy/girl parent will ask teacher to give in, she did and eventually Kyrell vomit heee...

6) Imaginative Mind

a) Storytelling about a rabbit, teacher left the story open-end and asked

teacher : so what should mr rabbit do

Kyrell : mr rabbit should go to school

teacher : but mr rabbit has already went to school

Kyrell : mr rabbit should bring baby rabbit to school

b) Here's another interesting conversation that teacher Sara has observed and wrote it down in his file :

On Apr 2010

"Look Z. Look. This is my car. It's big just for Kyrell." Kyrell called out to Child Z and showed him his drawing. "Ouuh... Then I cannot sit inside your car." Kyrell said, "You want to sit inside car? Then I change car. Can transform my car make it bigger. You wait ok." Child Z looked on as Kyrell continued drawing. Kyrell called out and pointed to his drawing while talking to Child Z. "See Z, I change here. Change here and change here. Then transform bigger you can sit inside already. If you done't want sit inside then I," Kyrell scribbled on his drawing and said, "You see, I change there then become Kyrell small car again."

Saturday, June 19, 2010

MI Buzz : Bringing Kyrell to Sungei Buloh

Back to nature? Best place to go are gardens, parks and wetland reserve!

We have chosen to go to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. And this is Kyrell's 2nd time there, the 1st time, he was too young - about slightly 1 year old. This time round, he's older and can appreciate nature better, I hope.

Because we are here with a mission, to let Kyrell experience nature and insect, to explain to him and to snap pictures so we waste no time but to start off straight away! And in conjunction with some kind of project with the Malaysia (I think to extend the reserve), today marks the 1st day that admission fee (usual, $1) is waived off!

Plus, weather is not too hot, just humid and not raining, YIPPIE!

Here we are! Btw Kyrell was still sleep in his stroller but we woke him up not long after heee..

Iguana resting by the side of the pond

We are sooooo lucky!! The moment we stepped in, we saw this big, furry and absolutely beautiful caterpillar!! Alot of photo taking around :)

Having a good look at the caterpillar

In the observation deck.. no birds around though :(

Can you see what we saw?

Where's the grasshopper?

Spot a beetle under the leaf, am I observant or what :p

Kyrell trying to take a good look at the beetle

Ants eating/carrying fruits

I love this photo! I think its well taken and the spider looks so beautiful.. what a fruitful trip!

We spot another spider - a small one

Can you see the spider?? Hee...

Eww... long legged spider!

Looking at the mangrove swamp

Its so difficult to ask Kyrell to behave himself and take proper photo!

Army of big red ants!

More spider!

Kyrell happily running around

As we were leaving, I happened to look up to the sky and OMG I saw this huge spider and her web across god-knows-what (maybe across 2 trees?). I zoomed in to take a picture and that is where I saw some baby spiders around it. I called the boys back to check it out!! Amazing!

We will be back again!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Movie Date

Veron's company booked the entire theatre of GV Max at Vivocity today, because some of her colleagues are not going, she invited Sylvia and my family to join.

The 1pm movie screened was "Karate Kid", cast by Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan. I think it was a good show, I enjoyed it! Lotsa actions. Kyrell stayed awake throughout but he was getting abit tired and restless at some of the more 'boring' parts. Overall I think he likes it too.

After the movie, I head out to the restroom at level 1 while the rest went to the outdoor water fountain. When I came out, I saw Kyrell lying on the floor briefly, near the fountain, then the daddy carried him up, I rushed to them, it was only then that I realised that Kyrell had slipped and fell onto the wet floor. I carried him over and he was wailing "mummy mummy!" My poor baby... Daddy told me that Kyrell had asked to have his shoes removed (quote "dad dad take off my shoes").. to me, I thought "you should have known better that this will happen". But it has already happened so no use finger pointing. That is why I never let him play at the water fountain, firstly to avoid accident cos he is quite accident-prone and secondly, the water aint exactly clean =_=

After I pacified him, made milk for him and put him on stroller, tried to make him sleep cos afterall its his nap time and he's tired. He did not sleep and instead, we heard some familiar drumming sound... from the drum band from Vivocity! Kyrell and I saw them performed before in May and I must say they are really entertaining. (I will update the pix taken then, soon keke..)

Then while in the quest to find somewhere to dine, we went to level 2 (I think) and Kyrell was pestering to take one of those car rides, to distract him, I brought him to one of the shop that has window and sand art. Been wanting to try it! So we chose the window art (at $5.50 or 5.90). Kyrell chose a military truck :)

In the end, we went to Bukit Merah View blk 116 for roast duck rice, yummy and cheap! Had a fun and tiring day :)

So well enjoy the photos!

Queuing to go into the theatre

I like the way he hugged me when we took pix.. so sweet right :p

I think Kyrell looks a combination of us, think so? But alot of ppl still says that he resembles daddy?!!!

This was after his fall... he's upset and "angry" with daddy.. whatever reason (maybe daddy did not take care of him?).. haha..

Ignoring daddy

1st time doing window art!! My white pants are stained with the paint cos Kyrell kept wiping on me whenever his fingers were stained *faint*
I enjoyed it but Kyrell is quite impatient and do not know how to control his strength while squeezing the tube.. never mind, practise makes perfect!

Our end product :)

At Ben & Jerry - displaying his art work.. but dazing away

Saturday, June 12, 2010

MI Buzz

An email from Kyrell's teacher....

Hi Parents,

We are currently into our MI Buzz. The theme for MI Buzz is based on a story book. I have chosen the book titled, "One Hungry Spider".

There are eight Multiple Intelligences. We called our intelligences; Word Smart, Picture Smart, People Smart, Self Smart, Nature Smart, Body Smart, Music Smart and Logic Smart.We would like parents to participate in our Nature Smart by bringing the children to parks or gardens to look for insects.

Please introduce the insects to the children and do capture the moments of the children participating in the activity.

Please submit the photographs (min of 4 pieces) by Friday, 18 June 2010.
There will be a culminating event on 24th June 2010 where children's learning of MI Buzz will be displayed. The children will also be doing a performance on the same day.

Thank you for participating in the children's learning.

Have a good weekend!

Teacher Sara

Because the email came abit too late (our weekends for 12 & 13 Jun) are booked, I request for the photos to be submitted on 21 Jun.

Now, where should we bring Kyrell to???

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Pass 3 Weeks In School

31 May : *** After nap, Kyrell had been very energetic, kept running around the premises and out of the classroom area, out of teacher's sight. Teacher Sara put him back and off he ran. Sometime in the late afternoon when parents starts coming in to fetch their kids, the door may not be closed/locked, Kyrell ran out to the lounge area. Teacher Sara put him on the Thinking Chair to reflect himself, needless to say, he cried. Teacher Sara explained to him the danger/consequences but off he ran again.... poof!

1 June : In the morning when we reached school, Kyrell ran away the moment he saw Teacher Sara. She said that he must be scared of her telling me about him, on what happened the previous day *** He sat at one corner quietly and listened to us. I explained to him the danger/consequences again (that if ran out of the building, bad guy will catch him or cars might knock onto him and he cannot see mummy again etc..).

4 June : In the morning, Teacher Sara told me that Kyrell does take all fruits at school, surprise surprise... including papaya, banana (soft type) and honeydew...

Did not take nap in school, knock out when in dad dad's car at 7pm+

Teacher Sara said he was walking and running around while the others were sleeping, then when Daniel woke up (an hr later), they started chatting loudly. Teacher Sara seperated them, pushed Kyrell slightly in front, he cried. Then realising it is not very far away from Daniel's mattress, he crawled back and started whispering to one another *duh*

No idea what they were talking about :p

While walking to take bus/train in the evening, I had the chance to talk to Teacher Sara. She told me that Kyrell kept singing "Nobody Nobody But You!" and with dance move!! Malcolm will join in and they would be shaking their head and butt. At the word "You!", they would jump. Teacher Sara thought I had choreographed the dance because the steps were always the same whahaha......

7 June : Did not take nap in school, knock out when in dad dad's car at 7pm+

But this time, he did not make noise, he did tried to sleep but after 1.5hr of Teacher Sara's patting him (her hands were aching!), he still could not fall asleep.

8 June : Promised me that he will take take nap, when the time came, teacher Sara reminded him of the promise, he nod his head and fell asleep.

When I fetch him in the evening, I saw him about to push or pinch his classmate Leia, I screamed at his name, he turned around & looked shock (as if caught red-handed), cried!

Then I asked him to apologised, he refused and said that he don't like Leia *faint* her mummy was there! After a few attempts, he finally said "sorry".

11 June : While walking to the bus stop from school in the evening, teacher Sara was walking alongside with 薛 老 师, Kyrell was munching biscuits. 薛 老 师 commented that Kyrell has taken bread earlier in the music room (around 6pm), after the biscuits now, will he still have appetite to eat his dinner? My answer : Yes! heee... 薛 老 师 commented that its good that he eats so much. Teacher Sara said, because Kyrell is active!

Then teacher Sara told me that while the parents were coming to fetch the kids (they were all in the music room), Kyrell actually call up the kids name, announcing that their father/mother has arrived ie "xxx your mummy is here"! Wahahah... so cute right. Then teacher Sara will stand there opening and closing the door for them =_=

15 & 16 June : Kyrell did not nap in school again. On 15th, they had a birthday celebration for his classmates Amelia and according to teacher Sara, think he's too excited about the party after nap that he can't sleep or, afraid of overslept :p

On both days, he fell alseep while we were on public transport (mrt/bus) home so I have to carry him all the way!! Aching aching aching~

17 June : Its Dzulfiqar's birthday today, of cos the kids had a birthday celebration, with cakes and goodie bag to bring home. But most of Kyrell's goodie bag sweets/chocolate/chips are down into mummy's tummy keke.. because I do not want him to comsume too much.

PS : Baby, cannot blame mummy ok? You will understand it when you are older!

I LOVE MY BABY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Universal Studios Singapore®

Hollywood After Hours

Starting from 4 June (to end June) 2010, Hollywood Boulevard will be extended 7:00pm to 10:00pm from Thursdays (except 3 June) to Sundays. With the additional one hour extension, admission fee remains at S$2. You can enjoy the array of eating and shopping establishments and experience the distinctive Hollywood iconic architecture, the swaying palm trees and the famous Walk of Fame – you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped inside the centre of the entertainment universe!Ticket Sales: Limited same day ticket sales starts from 6:30pm at Universal Studios Singapore ticket booths.Promotion: Present Shrek Forever After Golden Village movie ticket stub and get free entry to Hollywood Boulevard ! Terms & Conditions applies.

Day: Every Thursday to Sunday (For June only)
Time: 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Ticket Price: S$2* *

Same-day park guests, Fun Pass and Superstar Pass holders enter for FREE from 7:00pm to 10:00pm.

The $2 fee will be off set from F&B orders at Hollywood China Bistro™ and KT’s Grill™

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Just A Stroll

After the Shrek show and shopping @ ToyRUs, Kyrell fell alseep around 4pm shortly after his milk. Then hubby and I went for lunch and Carrefour. We reached home around 6pm+ and that is when he woke up, in the lift, crying that he doesn't want to go home :p

So to pacify him, we brought him to the tracks downstairs to "burn" off his excess energy, afterwhich he is a happy boy!!